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Bianca Prettau


Biography of the artist

Coming from a family where artistic education played an important role, Bianca Prettau began to paint in a minimalist-abstract way and afterwards, in accordance with the specific drawing of representation for the architectural preparation, to be attracted by the figurative design.After Two decades of multidisciplinary research and architecture, the visual arts have taken an important place in his professional life. She has exhibited, as a visual artist, subjects of scientific interest in artistic formulas, such as the "Filon" series, where the microscopic structures of minerals become a gestural expression capable of drawing attention to messages of interest. adjacent art. In this way, his latest artistic endeavors are used by the evocative force of painting to convey a seemingly unobtrusive but important message, namely, the responsibility of everyone in the face of dramatic changes in the ecosystem today. His series are composed as abstract or semi-abstract expressionist visionary journeys perceived as the visual relation between "the open work" and its unlimited reading possibilities for the viewer.

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