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Street artist

Biography of the artist

CAZ'N was born in Dendermonde, a Dutch-speaking city in East Flanders in 1972. At the age of 10, very attracted by drawing and painting, he began to learn different techniques and took part in competitions. In 1985, he took classes at the Ghent School of Arts. It was at this time that public spaces saw the arrival of stencils, graffiti and other aerosol bombs ... Totally addicted to graffiti, CAZ'N began to exercise his talents on the walls and palissades of his city. "Illegal" places are particularly popular with this new "race" of artists. In 1989, he joined the "Royal Academy of Fine Arts" in Antwerp.

Parallel to his studies, he realizes many "streets" often grappling with his friends the limits of "the forbidden" by defying the authority that chases these young artists that the population often treats vandals. After an obligatory passage to the army, CAZ'N travels Belgium (Ghent, Charleroi, Liège, Antwerp, Hasselt, Brussels) and invests the spaces to express his talent through a pictorial expression which is already affirmed as the flagship movement of the 21st century.

He then travels all over Europe (especially France), which he graffiti from Berlin to Paris, from Amsterdam to London. These years, rich and dense, during which he gives free rein to his imagination allow him to assert his style and technique.

In recent years, CAZ'N is located in Wetteren near Ghent. The walls of his city and neighboring towns abound with his works.

In 2004, he began to participate in exhibitions. The first private orders arrive ...

From 2004 to 2014, he participated in * Montana Writer, which brought together internationally renowned artists.

It also responds to private requests for wall decoration and canvases. The galleries finally approached him: he exhibited at Aalst several times at the Streetartfactory gallery, then at Artifex in Ghent. Then come exhibitions in France, Marseille, Cassis and Hyères.

He responds to the many requests made by the organizers of international festivals, visual arts fairs where he can freely express his talent as a street artist. It is only since 2015 that he devotes more to painting on canvas but keeping the techniques of graffiti. He works in his beautiful workshop-gallery of Wetteren near Ghent. CAZ'N's work is like him. Hardy, robust, authentic, successful. We see in his work the pictorial dexterity of the graffiti artist, but we also perceive in the conception of the work a force, a rigor, an architecture no doubt related to his apprenticeship to the Fine Arts.

At 47 years old, known and recognized by amateurs and by his former accomplices of the street, he is considered today as a "former graffiti" Flemish.

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