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Marc Antoine Gilles


Biography of the artist

Graduate student of E.S.A.G from 1985 to 1989 (Met de Peninghen and Jacques d'Andon).

I started my active life as a model maker, moulder and modeler. My years in business have familiarized me with contemporary materials and gave me a know-how. In 1996 I put myself at my own expense and made various unusual objects: jewelry boxes, sculpture lamps secrets, working sheet metals (steel, stainless steel, bronze, aluminum) and resins. These objects will be noticed in 1999, during an exhibition of creators in La Villette, to be exposed then to the living room of lighting in Villepinte.

At the same time, I am interested in sculpture and meet the sculptor Michel Serraz, who will share with me his knowledge in the field of the living model: indeed the work of the clay stimulates me to translate the sensibility, the sensuality and the mystery cleared by the human physique, and particularly by the female body.

Later, in a Parisian cafe, I attend a performance of rappers and I am seized by the attitudes they share: why not translate them into sculpture? The resulting rendering produces a certain shift from reality and makes them singular characters who have their own soul and a unique expression. The poses, the disillusioned, unusual attitudes, are not academic and the work of clothing (texture, material, color) pushes me to research and stimulating innovation.

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