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Marc Antoine Goulard


Biography of the artist

Marc-Antoine is an artist, painter and French designer. Musician by training, it is through visual art that he found his way. In search of the perfect balance between colors, lights, shapes and materials, the artist creates lyrical works for the eye to move us.

The sensitive and delicate work reminds us of its inspiration drawn from the five elements. In her pictorial and three-dimensional work, the artist is looking for perspectives suggesting to the viewer an imaginary line to follow. Very diligent at work, he never rushes the culmination of a new work. This will be preceded by studies, drawings, colors and composition.

The design of his creations in three dimensions supports a similar approach added to a search for materials and proportions depending on the environment: This approach is summed up in the exploration of the balance of elements. Michele Karas (New York)

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