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Michèle Gazel


Biography of the artist

The Artistic universe is my natural environment. I successively studied at the Beaux Arts in Sète, Toulouse, Montpellier, and then worked in the professional world of interior design, sometimes as an employee and sometimes as a self-employed person. Above all, I did a lot of private commissions: from 1974 to 1997 Painting on canvas, reliefs, murals, painting on furniture, decoration on earthenware, ... I have explored several artistic universes. From 1997 to 2003, I devoted myself to promoting Artists of various expressions: sculptors, ceramists, glassmakers, designers… whose work was exhibited in a friendly place halfway between the gallery and the “Art Shop” in order to make their works visible and accessible to as many people as possible. A generous period, rich in wonderful encounters and sharing. I then resumed an activity of decorator, until 2013. Today, I devote myself entirely to painting on canvas. Definitely my favorite mode of expression! A dialogue is established, between the shapes, the colors and my being inspired; between my instinct and my vision. Yes ! A model can be taken elsewhere than in visible reality. It can be caught in the perceptions of the soul, in the imagination; break the rules. What is hiding behind the veil? The colors become healing, the light cheers, for me painting is an intuitive writing, an energy that speaks, that transmits. Nothing is forbidden, nothing is imposed, Art is freedom, a meeting, a shared emotion. My goal: For everyone to find their message there, as long as they look, observe, feel, and…. Leave HAPPY!

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