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Biography of the artist


Born in 1973 in the suburbs of Paris, he is interested in HIP HOP and more specifically in graffiti in the late 80s and is attracted by the "Subway Art" Martha Cooper in a photo book of the same name reveals the many facets " Spray can Art! PEST P19 is quickly signing up on the RER Line B trains serving Paris and the vacant lots near the Mouton-duvernet, Olivier de Serres and Garibaldi metro stations.

In 1992, he created his "Crew", P19, which became one of the major crews of the "graffik" landscape in France and Europe, renowned and recognized for the quality of his creations, made both in broad daylight and at night, of legally or not. His personal style is a perfect blend of influences (New York classic, Europe Old School) that highlight the letters and especially their dynamics and their balance, which could be defined as the "flow"

Through numerous travels made of discoveries and encounters, he is interested in other forms of writing such as calligraphy, but always with the same perfectionist pursuit of aesthetics combined with balance and dynamism for his compositions. While guarding "the essence" of the graffiti and retranscribing "the urgency" it does not keep the form but rather a synthesis of all its codes

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