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Seyb .

Street artist

Biography of the artist

Sébastien Dejancourt (aka Seyb) was born in Paris in 1973.

Passionate from an early age by drawing and illustration, he is interested in the early 90s in the middle of graffiti in Paris. Self-taught, He first learns lettering, but rather quickly he starts to work his funds to provide an atmosphere or an atmosphere that he will improve as and when his meetings.

Today, Seyb promotes its art to individuals, businesses and communities. He works the harmonies of colors and has a great sense of detail. His decorations are large expanses often desert, fantastic, lunar. His landscapes are mostly empty, or centered on a railway world he seems particularly fond of. It is a continuity of his work on wall that he tries to transcribe on canvas. He works a lot solo, but also to the realization of large frescoes with different graffiti artists. It's been five years now since he started painting and various techniques such as acrylic or aerosol spray.

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