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Sifat Quazi


Biography of the artist

Born in Dacca in Bangladesh, in 1987, she lives and works in Paris. Sifat became interested in graffiti from a very young age. From her first experiences of mural painting in Seine et Marne where she grew up, she kept this desire for freedom: to multiply the supports, the tools and the techniques in particular linocut, serigraphy, lithogravure. Today, the graphics of this Franco-Bengali artist are the product of several approaches and inspirations. She summarizes: "I am passionate about writing, calligraphy, alphabets, signs of all kinds, without forgetting the forms of nature, architecture. I mix it all and let go of my imagination. My art is meant to be positive and joyful ”. She thus creates her own language that invites contemplation, escape and discovery, as her work is precise and chic at the same time. Sifat also takes part in numerous cultural events and live painting during concerts. It also brings social links by initiating collective paintings in partnership with social landlords or private companies

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