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Steve Pitocco


Biography of the artist

Born in 1977 in the Parisian suburbs, Steve Pitocco understood from an early age that art would be inseparable from his life and visceral painting for him. He discovered hip-hop culture and graffiti at the age of 15, which he immersed himself in. This will intrinsically influence his creation and his way of life. He gave birth to the Koeurélé, a logo created in the streets of Barcelona that he affixed with poetry and gentleness in urban space, his playground for 20 years. This logo is his little character, it symbolizes freedom and positive energy, over the years it has become like a label that he brings to life elsewhere than on the walls. Steve wants to expand his creative field by joining the "Strate" School of Design, including he graduated from a master's degree in Industrial Design in 2001. He was recruited by the luxury house Alfred Dunhill to revive the brand at 15 rue de la paix for 2 years, then Reebok spotted these creations and offered to join the position of Graphic Designer for the EMEA zone. These two experiences will trigger desires and launch great collaborations with prestigious brands, such as Casio, New Era, Adidas, Dickies, Swarovski ... and projects with Alicia Keys, Swiss Beat, Grand corps sick, Kery James ...

For 15 years, Steve has held the reins of his artistic projects. In painting he refines its style and finds its mode of expression through YARNING. Atypical technique that he created and which consists of painting with a thread of material, a precise alloy of different materials, offering several levels of reading the work, the reliefs, the emotion of the line. The brush never touches the support, the creation develops in suspension, like a remote flight, in lightness. The line of his works is therefore particular, sometimes flexible, sometimes more nervous, always free. The artist does not impose his line but rather suggests a direction. Whether it is a painting on canvas, or a suspension, each work of the artist engages it body and soul.

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