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Xavier Huchez


Biography of the artist

Born in Paris in 1966, Xavier Huchez lives and paints in his studio on the shores of Lake Annecy. Inspired by foggy, mysterious and intimate atmospheres, Xavier Huchez focuses on the work of light. The oil painting allows him to play with subtlety on the transparencies.

Not hesitating to look for quality materials (the paintings are made to measure in Paris, the lands come from Italy, the painting is shaped by small craftsmen), Xavier Huchez works "the old way" using pure pigments such as lapis lazuli from Afghanistan, vermilion cinnabar, especially that of Monte Amiata whose production was stopped in the 50s, the yellow of Naples ... by small dazzling touches ....

"The work is based on a succession of "rubbed layers", or the" Sfumato" technique that allows you to forget the contours and concentrate on the essentials. The supports used are linen cloth but also wood panels. The many layers of oil paint will saturate the bottom until you obtain a desired wax effect, like old patinated leather that will reveal all the nuances of his age. The work stops when the desire to "caress the table" arrives

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