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Henri Yeru


Biography of the artist

Henri Yéru's work offers various dimensions: inclusion of the approach in a questioning of civilization, monumental dimension even in small formats, link with writing whether it be the spelling of the letter or literature, palette of black and white with the most vibrant colors, drive dimension even in the most "abstract" canvases, invariant and astonishing diversity, daring of the pictorial gesture. "The building of being" Freedom is the condition of this dynamic, "freedom, all freedoms, to love, to think, to create". Freedom which is at the heart of the work. Whether in black and white or in color, they demonstrate the painter's commitment to translating plastically what makes up the "built of being". If of course they offer themselves to our gaze, they are of another dimension than visual, they are inscribed in a space which is that of "our bodily / psychic being

The reference to the golden ratio channels an instinctual movement always present, even in the most architectural and apparently static works. Claire Colombier- (Extracts from the preface to the catalog of the Toulon Art Museum) Henri Yéru was born in Paris in 1948 where he trained in Fine Arts. Very quickly, he was approached by numerous galleries and museums in Europe. He represents France at the Venice Biennale in 1980. In 2003, he moved to Toulon, where he still lives and works today. Note, among others, personal exhibitions at the Museum of Montpellier, the Museum of Dunkirk, the Museum of Tourcoing, the Center Georges Pompidou and very recently at the Museum of Toulon, but also at the gallery La Hune Brenner in Paris, the gallery Marie Demange in Brussels, the Jacques Matarasso gallery in Nice. In 2009, at L’Isle sur La Sorgue, he imagined the exhibition Gestécrit, setting in space the poetry of René Char. "The juxataposition of the written work and the plastic work makes it possible to approach both in a way conducive to contemplation and reflection by widening the imaginary field" (Marie Claude Char)

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